Tuesday, June 20, 2017

My First Blog..A New Step.

     Happy Summer!  It's Tuesday, June 20....first day of summer according to some..and this is my first blog ever!  What I hope to do is create a world of friendly Survivor-ship--and that it's all Attitude.  My Attitude allowed me to survive and to keep on surviving!  Surviving head-and-neck cancer and a very rough surgery. Surviving a major car-accident that I walked away from but still had to have surgery and therapy for and the ongoing chronic pain....and, above all else....surviving Life!  Life as a singer with a cd and one-man shows and a few musicals under my belt--and still performing. Life as a cookbook author.
     I'm Spiritual. I don't consider my "religious" in the classic sense. I'm not an atheist as I believe in a Higher Power/God/Spirit/One/the Great I Am...what-ever you chose to call a Higher Source....I believe in that.  In this Life, at this point in it, I am a cat-caring, senior male.  Life is never clear-cut.  Heaven knows my Paths have been varied and many.  I get bored REAL easy.  I am probably ADS (Attention Deficit Syndrome)..Ha!....my kindergarten teacher back in Wichita, Ks once sent a note home to my folks saying I had "ants in my pants" and she put me in the winter coat closet one day!  That would never happen now! (would it??? I hope not!). LOL.  I still recall not feeling ashamed or embarassed....just....biding my time until I got out of there and could go outside and play!   I think I even looked through some coats to while-away the time...probably the time spent was just minutes in there..and I think I was even humming to pass the time!  Attitude! 😃
     I am but One Voice, aren't most blogs?  You may ask, why is the name of the blog "It's Only A Nose?"  Because....as I looked in the mirror the night before my rhinectomy (I lost my nose to cancer!), I surveyed my soon-to-be removed-nose and said, outloud, "Hmmmm....It's Only A Nose!"  And I went to bed.
     I have been through so much in my Life......you'd think I'd give up.  But, oh no.....not me. Some say I'm inspiring.  Some say I am their hero. I laugh, sheepishly. Shucks, I don't know...I'm just a guy from Kansas...pushing through but enjoying Life. I eventually land on my feet after sliding on my butt.  But I get up, "dust myself off. Stick out my tongue at the people who scoff."  (You will find I quote song lyrics a LOT! Hell, I'm a singer..a connoiseur of the musical word).  Whoever heard of a singer WITHOUT A NOSE...who still sings/performs??  You just met one!  Attitude. Positive Attitude.
     Some days I may post a favorite recipe. song, movie.  Other days I plan to blog about my surviving cancer...everything leading up to it. I've had a "paper" posted on a national cancer site that has brought to me, by emails, many head-and-neck cancer survivors or their family members. Some have stayed on as email-friends.  Some have passed away....made their transition.  Life. Death. The Journey.

Enjoy the Journey! I do!

The pic was taken 7 years ago...before the car accident....I'll get more recent ones on here as we go along!

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