Monday, August 21, 2017

I Got My Noses...Now What??

Hi Everyone----It's been 3 weeks since my last post....Yes....I've been busy!  Which is great!  I had 9 performances I did last week!  9!  6 performances for a dra-medy I was in for an acting class/workshop at a semi-local college...2 choral performances with a newly formed choir, debuting at my Center For Spiritual Living..and the premiere of a cabaret/revue of a show based on the songs of Carole Bayer Sager that 2 friends of mine and I did for a local chapter of the women's philanthropic group, PEO.  Overall, 9 performances in 5 days!  Last Sunday, the 13th, I had 4 performances.  I felt like I was in vaudeville!  It took me until this past Thursday to recover....but I'm now chomping at the bit to get back to the Carole Bayer Sager show and more! Yeah..I'm still exhausted..but my need to perform has recovered.

So what does this prove?  Even after cancer and a car accident and being on's all a mindset.  Yes....I hibernated...and lost my energy source and even my mind for awhile (talk about depression!) but I tapped into those things I love to do..singing, mainly, and acting (be it professional, amateur or otherwise).  I get paid for the singing...not the acting..yet!  But I hope to change that as I have my first "professional" for an equity-contract musical later this's a goal of mine....and yes.."even at my age." That phrase is NUTZ!  EVEN AT MY AGE!  I love doing things "AT MY AGE" to just DO IT and have FUN and, yes, prove things to myself......and others!  DO IT! GO FOR IT!  DO WHAT YOU LOVE!  HAVE FUN!  TO HELL WITH EVERYONE ELSE!    Ha! In this day and age..those could all be hashtags!.....ya know?!?!? #I LOVETOSING!

     Do what you love to matter! You have the Power to do it.  I have the Power! USE IT! Harness that God-Spirit that dwells within you and GO FOR IT. We all have that Creative-Spirit and, yes, it's very scary..but tap into it and open new doors and new realms will appeqr before you that you never thought possible. I am still finding doors.  I'm still opening those scary doors that bring up a pit in my stomach, that make me cower, that make my crazy thought-process say "No, don't do it..take it easy!"...but I'm facing those fears...and saying YES to those aspects of my life I never ventured into prior!

After I got my prostheses and all..I hibernated but I needed to find a I went to work in retail. I DO LOVE working retail, crazy..but it's the people and the merchandise.  I went to work for Williams Sonoma for 2 years..mainly seasonal..but it was nearly full-time....South Coast Plaza for one season and Palos Verdes for another season. It was fun. And nobody knew I had a nose prosthesis...just me...and it DID hold me back from being more social..but working was just what I needed.  Plus I got some great cooking stuff...and WS is very liberal with giving freebies to its much fun!  As I worked for WS, a letter arrived at my mom's place saying I had $70,000 in "lost funds" in the State controller's vault...and they'd help me get it for a 10% fee! "No thanks, bucko"...I can get it myself..and I did!  It took nearly 18 months..but I got the money and it's what I lived on for over 3 years to get me back on feet after the cancer and a move back to Long Beach, CA. It was during this time I decided to go for my real estate license.  It wasn't a mistake but what a friggin pain. I finally realized this year...Yes, it took me THAT long to realize keeping my RE license wasn't in my best I let it expire.  I just hated it. I had no passion in doing that kind of work. It tore at my very core. Fini.  If I have a change-of-heart, I'll renew my license but for now..I'm having waaaay too much fun singing and acting! Don't do what you hate or dislike. It may bring you money..but is it worth it? really isn't. If it's your only income...ok, I don't advocate living on the street..but don't give into it...find something you love to do.  I'm still looking for other streams of income that I want to do.

Today is a very exciting anniversary date for me....August 20, 2015 my 1st CD was released!  It's called RISING ABOVE and it is basically a "cast album" of my one-man show by the same name.  It's songs I sang in my show about my cancer journey.  It's been called "inspiring" and "uplifting" and many have told me it's a favorite when driving!  Check it is the link to it: (I'm available for booking my one-man show, too!  Contact me if you are interested!).

Here is the gist of this blog, matter what happens to you in this thing called Life...if you can, do what you love. You will "find your audience" and your audience will find you.  I'm still learning this lesson.  I lost my nose....I could have hid under a rock...but I chose to keep singing and get out there and do what I love. Naysayers and trolls hell with what your heart tells you to do!  It's about YOU.....not "them!"

Love Ya All,

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  1. Age is just a number and will only stop you if you want it to. Reach for the constellations of fulfillment and hold them close as you sprint towards that which makes you happy.